Driver for e-Mobility.

eluminocity developed the modular Light & Charge System in cooperation with the automotive industry and other technology leaders to transform street lights into charging stations for electric vehicles. The eluminocity portfolio of innovations is a vital component of every Smart Infrastructure – for applications in your city and your business.

The product portfolio

The eluminocity products are the preferred choice for applications in public and semi-public spaces. The Charge-Module is a modern, ecologically oriented service for urban infrastructure projects as well as customer and employee parking lots for industry, retail and hotel business. The LED-Module helps to reduce energy consumption, while enhancing safety on the road and on large parking areas. Applications of the Connect-Module range from intelligent lighting control to parking management and analysis of environmental factors.


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The highly efficient LED luminaires help to save energy and running expenses. At the same time the LED Modules reduce CO2 emissions and can be dimmed as needed.

Four micro-faceted freeform optics in each module guide the light precisely to where it is needed while minimizing glare and light pollution. With their precise light guiding, LED luminaires reduce potentially dangerous dark spots on the road and on large parking areas, improving traffic and pedestrian safety.

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Reliable, cost-efficient solution to control the infrastructure for street lighting and charging with a central element. By applying this solution, Smart Cities can turn sensor technology to their advantage.

Transmitting, analyzing and distributing data will contribute to set up areas of everyday life for the future – such as traffic, health and security. The integrated sensor for movement detection reduces energy consumption and turns street lights into intelligent systems.


The charging station for electric vehicles is easily mountable, for example onto existing street-side lampposts or as free-standing pedestals on corporate parking lots. The system hereby enables an extensive increase of region-wide charging infrastructure to support the expansion of e-Mobility. It offers up-to-date services for corporate customers, guests or employees without any extra obstacles. If required, the charging points can be accessed via RFID cards or scanning of QR codes.

A comprehensive infrastructure for the operation of electric vehicles is the key to success of e-Mobility.

Further benefits of eluminocity

Light & Charge represents the successful integration of charging points into existing urban and business infrastructures. Pre-existing car park lighting and street furniture, such as lampposts, can be equipped with charging points in a simple and cost-effective manner.

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Modular All-rounder

The modularity of the Light & Charge System is geared for tailor-made solutions that take into account particular requirements of customers. As an open system, Light & Charge can be integrated into any environment and for every combination of light, charging and sensors.


The elegant eluminocity design fits perfectly in the overall environment. It can be integrated into modern architecture as well as historical cities. Retrofitting the existing infrastructure with the Light & Charge Modules is a modern statement of a Smart City and Smart Company.


“Invented in Germany” and strong partners stand for the solidity and reliability of the company. eluminocity represents smart, German entrepreneurship and will support you with state-of-the-art technologies – flexible and with on-going support and services.


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