Prepared for the future with state-of-the-art technology. Invented in Germany.

    eluminocity brings state-of-the-art technologies directly to the customers.

    eluminocity uses latest technologies and connects them with new applications. Technology itself should not be ‘rocket science’: eluminocity will always translate the technology needed into specific benefits for the customer and create added value. Unlike other competitors, eluminocity can offer flexible (and in most cases also less expensive!) solutions on demand.

    Certifications and our strong partner BMW stand for solidity.

    Everybody collaborating with eluminocity will find best care and support. The decision to choose eluminocity is a decision in favor of a responsible and long-term business relationship. The company’s reliability is confirmed by certifications (e.g. TÜV Süd).

    eluminocity represents smart, German entrepreneurship.

    “Invented in Germany”: The development team of eluminocity has invented the modular system. The team of the company headquartered in Munich is characterized by inventive minds, enthusiasm, commitment and honesty. These qualities do not only shape the cooperation of the team of eluminocity founder Sebastian Jagsch but also our attitude towards customers. eluminocity believes in free competition and that best ideas will prevail.

    Location Munich – Karlstrasse

    Karlstrasse 96
    80335 Munich

    Tel.: +49 (0) 89 189 14230

    Location USA

    80 Pine Street, 24th Floor
    New York, NY 10005

    C +1 3233 0374 10
    O +1 2127 5237 06

    Sebastian Jagsch

    CEO / Founder

    Tobias Steger

    General Manager Europe

    Dr. Nico Fritsch

    Project Manager

    Andrea Visan

    Sales Manager

    Kim Jenny Wlach

    Business Dev & Marketing Manager

    Markus Hackner

    Account Manager

    Robert Rockwood

    Projects US

    Horst Gotthardt

    Member of the Advisory Board

    Steffen Falter

    Business Dev Manager

    Michael Rockwood

    General Manager US

    Job Tle Function Location Details Contact
    Unsolicited Application All Germany, USA
    Senior Software Engineer Product Development Germany Job Posting
    Junior Software Engineer Product Development Germany Job Posting
    Software Engineer Intern Product Development Germany Job Posting
    Machine Learning Engineer Product Development Germany Job Posting
    Senior Radar Engineer Product Dvelopment Germany Job Posting
    Project Delivery Manager Project & Operations Germany Job Posting
    Product Manager Product Germany Job Posting
    Head of Sales Sales Germany Job Posting
    Senior Sales Manager Sales Germany Job Posting
    Sales Manager Sales Seattle Job Position
    Junior Sales Manager Sales Germany Job Posting
    Marketing Intern Marketing Germany

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