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Intelligent street lighting.

Street lighting can be more than just energy efficient. A holistic approach to control light on demand and using integrated radar sensors to rethink traffic planning. One luminaire that makes cities smarter.

Smart street lighting from eluminocity


The intelligent street light from eluminocity consists of two components: the lighting solution based on state of the art LED technology, which can be adapted to environments conditions and specific requirements of each city or municipality and the radar with scalable sensors for a smart networked city. The smart component of the luminaire, the sensor technology offers a wide range of applications. These range from parking management on the basis of radar sensors to the analysis of environmental properties such as air quality and noise.

The sensor technology is available with the eluminocity street lamp and can be integrated with any existing street lamp.


Use cases – capability of our smart street light

  • on demand/ adaptive lighting
  • Traffic and parking management
  • Analysis of roadway characteristics (humidity, temperature)
  • Environmental characteristics (air quality, noise)
  • Analysis of motion sensor data
  • Diagnostic functions
  • Determination of the filling capacity of waste bins
  • Networking via internet
intelligent street lighting eluminocity
LED modul eluminocity
  • LED-Modul

    Switching to LED Technology reduces the power costs per street light by 30 – 50%. (1) Investing in the LED module saves energy and generally amortizes after just 4 years – all this with high-Performance LEDs and free-form reflectors, which direct the light exactly where it is needed. The use of modern LED technology enables a profitable conversion to modern lighting systems. The intelligent lighting control is not only energy efficient, but in every aspect also good for the environment.
    Reduced illumination at night prevents damage to roads, plants and animals: migratory birds and insects can better orient themselves, leaves fall from trees earlier and serve as a natural protection of the asphalt, so that frost damage is avoided. This altogether helps municipalities save costs by effectively reducing the amount of road damage.
    The high-power LEDs built in the module are available in different color temperatures – from 3,000 K (warm white) for residential areas to 4,000 K (cold white) for commercial / industrial use. Thanks to the individual light modules, street lights from eluminocity are scalable – and from the city park to the main street a real all-rounder.
    (1) PwC Survey, 2015,

eluminocity 's external sensor hub for Smart City technologies
  • Smart City Platform

    Heartbeat of the city: Our sensor module integrates sensors and safety components with a unique software platform. This makes intelligent street lights to the hub for smart city applications. Together we can solve future urban challenges: The sensor platform enables value-added applications and services such as adaptive roadside lighting, parking space management and analysis of traffic and environmental data.

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  • Cooperation with Infineon

    The intelligence of the smart street lamp is delivered by the Chips from Infineon. For example, approaching objects are detected by the 24GHz BGT24 radar chip from Infineon and the data is evaluated by the Infineon XMC™-family. The energy efficiency of the lantern is enhanced by the Infineon light Controller XDPL8220, which also intelligently controls the power.

  • Smart City Applications

    The search for a parking space takes an average of 30 minutes of life time per parking process (2). In Great Britain and California, networked sensors solve this problem. The Smart City systems from eluminocity solve exactly this problem and many more.
    In addition to car park management, the transmission, analysis and distribution of data connects the areas of traffic, health and safety with each other and thus significantly increases the quality in each individual sector. In addition, eluminocity’s Smart City modules are becoming increasingly familiar with the behaviour of road users. By being “fed” with information, their intelligence increases similar to that of a smartphone from day to day. eluminocity sees itself as a portal and always restricts the use of data to improving the infrastructure through data exchange. Handling of data in accordance with the rules is expressly insured.
    In 2020,50 billion objects will be connected to the Internet worldwide via a network of sensors (1). Smart cities are already securing a location advantage through sensors and connectivity.

    (2) „APCOA Parking Studie“, 2013,; „Parkplatz finden statt Parkplatz suchen“, Siemens, 2015,; San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, 2011,

adaptive lighting eluminocity
parking detection eluminocity
  • The modular all-rounder for an intelligent urban infrastructure

    The eluminocity modular all-rounder adds the component charging station for electric vehicles to the smart street light, embodying the eluminocity vision of a holistic sustainable Smart City. We bring road lighting and the future of mobility together by combining intelligent lighting with charging stations for electric vehicles.

Light & Charge system eluminocity

Any questions regarding our charging stations or installation? Our Sales Manager Andrea Visan is available to answer your questions. We are looking forward to your message.

Andrea Visan

Sales Manager

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