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“Light & Charge“ represents the successful integration of charging points into the existing urban infrastructure. Pre-existing public amenities, such as lampposts, can be equipped with charging points easily and cost-effectively. Access can be obtained via RFID Cards or QR Codes. The charging station is particularly suitable for city centers and residential areas due to its compact construction.

eluminocity GmbH developed a street light concept in cooperation with the automotive industry and other technology market leaders to implement state-of-the-art urban electric vehicle infrastructure. Our product offers a modular LED street light fixture with an additional retrofit charging module for e-Mobility solutions to be deployed at the street side in neighborhoods and cities of all sizes. “Light & Charge” is already in use in cities such as Chicago, Eindhoven, Los Angeles, Oxford, Munich and Starnberg.

Sebastian Jagsch, founder and CEO eluminocity GmbH:

“We are able to meet the specific requirements of the City of Munich thanks to the retrofitting of existing infrastructure with our Charging Module and the modularity of the integral Light & Charge System. Furthermore, the direct attachment to the lamppost saves urban space. By this, the Light & Charge System provides charging wherever and whenever – Charge2Go for a fast and flexible mobility within the city.”

Michael Schwarz, COO eluminocity GmbH:

“It’s impressive what the young team at eluminocity has already achieved in the field of e-mobility and digital cities in such a short time. I am thrilled to be now able to play my part in seizing the opportunities that lie ahead and – together with our investors – turning them into sustainable growth.”

Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Board of Directors of BMW AG, responsible for MINI, BMW Motorrad, Rolls-Royce, Aftersales BMW Group:

“I am exceptionally pleased about this cooperation, which will give an impetus to the further development of the charging infrastructure. A full-coverage network of charging stations is the base for the success of e-Mobility in Germany. Our pilot project “Light & Charge” proves the potential for innovation which can be unlocked if all parties work together closely. Along with our partners, we point the way in a new century of mobility.”



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