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Pre-order the GridCharge Mini from the eluminocity charging portfolio, available with the following configurations:

  • 30A

  • 40A

The GridCharge Mini offers you a broad flexibility, it saves space and supports you in being innovative and environmental-conscious. You can distinguish yourself by setting up charging stations as e-Mobility spares resources and protects the environment.

  • The elumino charge portfolio
    eluminocity offers a wide variety of user-specific products targeted at the unique demands of cities/municipalities and businesses/companies of any kind: the elumino charge portfolio.

  • Configurations
    All products are available on both the European and American markets, either equipped with Type 2 Standard (EN 62196-2) or Type 1 shutters (SAE J1772). Further details on the power output options, included feature packages and mounting variants can be found in the following illustration.

  • Available models
    The eluminocity charging stations are available with the equipment lines Basic, Premium and City. Both the Basic and Premium models are especially designed for private and semi-private usage, the City line further includes advanced functunalities for urban areas.

  • TÜV certificate
    All eluminocity charging stations have successfully completed an extensive test and certification process of the TÜV Süd Group (German Technical Inspectation Association). The complete eluminocity charging portfolio (incl. all software and hardware components) fulfill the legally specified safety and quality regulations which are verified by comprehensive tests conducted by TÜV Süd.

  • New mounting option
    Additionally to the mounting onto lampposts – either lampposts with integrated threaded holes or charging points being attached to poles with brackets – the eluminocity charging stations can be installed as standalone charging columns. This standalone charger is especially useful when there are no lampposts available for mounting in the desired area. Thanks to this mounting solution the high-quality Light & Charge design products can be installed at any location.

  • New double charging station
    The newly developed double charge points, equipped with two plug and socket devices, expand the extensive charging portfolio. Like all products of the eluminocity charging portfolio, the pedestal-mounted double charging station satisfies the highest quality standards in conjunction with its unique design aspiration. The double charger enables simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles. It is available with the three existing series “Basic”, “Premium” and “City” and charging capacities of 3.68kW, 11kW or 22kW.

The elumino charge product portfolio

Light & Charge is the key to an urban, full coverage implementation of e-mobility.

eluminocity develops intelligent solutions for emission-free driving. The company’s Light & Charge system with its specific product line for cities and municipalities – elumino charge – contributes to the goal of reducing CO2 emissions of passenger cars to a level of 60 % by 2020 and 0 % in the long-run.(1) With this system eluminocity pulls its weight to reach the goal of the German Federal Government to have one million electric vehicles on German roads by 2020.(2) The charging element provides an appropriate answer to the important question of how one can shape individual mobility in a local, environmentally responsible manner.

Dieter Reiter, Mayor of Munich, Germany: “To face the important challenges of the future, it is necessary to already find the answers today.”

(1) “Elektromobilität als CO2-Vermeidungsoption”, EWI, 2010, Only in German, http://bit.ly/298qhpK
(2) German Federal Government, 2011, http://bit.ly/295qUz8

Light & Charge transforms street lights into charging stations.

In four years the number of electric vehicles will increase ten-fold – in Germany alone. There will be substantial demand for more charging stations at the roadside. The integration of the elumino charge with existing city infrastructure is easy and cost-efficient to implement without taking up additional space. The other Modules can be added in facile need-based steps (“Smart Upgrade”).

Light & Charge is already in use.

The system, developed in cooperation with BMW, is already field-tested in cities such as Chicago, Eindhoven, Los Angeles, Oxford, Munich and Starnberg. Our proposition for other cities and urban planners: The product is “Ready to Use” for each and every new “First Mover” – furthermore, it can be customized to specific requirements of the respective users.

Light & Charge provides charging wherever and whenever.

City residents drive with their cars short distances for multiple times a day. Consistent with this user behavior, electric vehicles can be charged more often and briefly – comparable with mobile phones. The suitable technology for this charging pattern already works today. Light & Charge is the option to unlimitedly charge electric vehicles at every opportunity – Charge2Go for a fast and flexible mobility within the city.

There is a wide variety of further use cases in combination with the eluminocity LED-Module. The Connect-Module additionally supports a need-based control of the lightings.

Light & Charge offers industry-specific solutions to further improve customer and employee services.

Businesses of any kind have to offer innovative products both to their customers, guests and employees. Therefore, eluminocity launched the new elumino charge product as part of its elumino charge portfolio. The Basic configuration covers all the standard equipment in its well-known high-quality design for the best usability comfort. The Premium line additionally offers smart applications for authentication and reservation and is perfectly suitable for semi-private applications.
All chargers can be installed on corporate parking lots, parking areas in front of banking institutions, shopping malls, furniture stores, DIY markets, outlet centers, retailers, car dealers or supermarkets. They also target the holistic customer service of hotels, airports, theme and water parks, spa and wellness centers or golf courses as opposed to traditional services.

Light & Charge increases customer satisfaction.

Now and in the future, customers rely on individual mobility as the preferred means of transport. To ensure lasting customer satisfaction and to stand apart from competition, one has to focus on the growing community of hybrid technology cars and battery-powered drivers. “Electrified” customers will come more frequently or will stay longer for leisure or shopping activities while charging their cars. Charging points nearby will also open up new ways to promote customer loyalty, e.g. by issuing loyalty cards which entitle customers to charge or by permitting hotel guests to use the charging station during their stay.

Light & Charge continues shoring up a high level of employee satisfaction.

elumino charge can be an integral part of a company’s employee benefits system. Good working conditions (and this includes employee parking lots with charging infrastructure) enhance satisfaction and commitment of an employee. Besides this, current e-Mobility concepts fit perfectly in the working time / free-time cycle of a staff member. Employees or commuters usually drive shorter distances between home and workplace and can then charge their cars while sleeping and working.

Light & Charge supports your modern and green-minded organization.

The elumino charge lines for enterprises will enhance your image as an innovative and environmental-conscious business. You can distinguish yourself by setting up charging stations on company premises or customer parking. An integral sustainability concept, extending from raw materials and the use of energy and resources, will be complemented with e-Mobility facilities. E-Mobility spares resources and the environment.

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