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  • The elumino connect portfolio
    Apart from the charging and lighting solutions, eluminocity offers a platform with reliable, scalable sensors for numerous applications to connect Smart Cities: the elumino connect portfolio.

  • Configurations
    The radar sensors for movement detection and the sensors for parking identification can either be integrated into the elumino light products or can be mounted on any existing street lamp.

  • Potential Use Cases
    Analysis of road characteristics (moisture, temperature) and environmental characteristics (air quality, noise)
    Analysis of movement sensor data
    Diagnosis functions
    Detection of dustbin filling degree

Smart cities gain a locational advantage through the usage of sensor technology.

Both companies and consumers, as well as cities and municipalities will invest three quadrillion Dollars in the “Internet of Things” by 2020. More than 50 billion subjects will be connected to the internet by means of a network of sensors.(1) Intelligent sensor technology – which is part of the Connect Module – plays a central role. It reproduces the “heartbeat” of the city and hence not only helps to control the Illumination efficiently, but also in collecting and transmitting luminaire data.

(1)  “The Internet of Things”, Cisco, 2011,

Parking guidance systems and traffic alert management in real-time solve traffic problems.

Searching for a free parking lot takes on average 30 minutes.(2) Cities in the United Kingdom and California are trying to solve this problem with connected sensors, which work in the same way as our Connect Module. Light & Charge reduces traffic and thus improves the quality of living.

(2) “APCOA Parking Study”, 2013,; “Knowing where to park without looking“, Siemens, 2015,; San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, 2011,

Connectivity will contribute to set up most areas of everyday life for future-readiness.

Transmitting, analyzing and distributing data will connect areas such as traffic, health and security. Thereby it will significantly raise the quality of each of them. In addition, the Modules learn to better understand the behavior of all traffic participants. The intelligence of the sensors increases from day to day by “feeding” them with information – similar to a mobile phone.

eluminocity protects data privacy and data security.

The company takes privacy protection of data seriously and emphasizes a compliant handling of data. eluminocity defines itself as a portal and limits the use of data to the purpose of improving infrastructure through data exchange.

There is a wide variety of further use cases in combination with the eluminocity LED-Module. Together with the Charge-Module, the system becomes a real Modular All-rounder.

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