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Cost-cutter for Smart Cities. The ideal lighting solution – custom-tailored and engineered for low-maintenance.

LED modul eluminocity
  • The elumino light portfolio
    eluminocity provides a wide range of LED lighting solutions which can be adapted to the environmental conditions of each city and municipality: the elumino light portfolio.

  • Configurations
    All lighting products are available with one to four LED modules – one module for parks or small streets, four modules for main roads.

  • Technical data
    Light output 114 lm/Watt
    Luminous flux per module 4,000 lm, max. 16,000 lm (4 modules)
    Power output per module 35 Watt, max. 140 Watt (4 modules)
    Temperature 3,000/4,000 Kelvin
    MESH control system (or existing systems)

The “Smart Upgrade” of urban street lights becomes beneficial through the usage of LED.

Switching to LED technology reduces electricity costs per street light by 30-50 %.(1) Investments in LED modules save energy and are normally amortized within four years – all of that with high-performance LED and accurate freeform reflectors which guide the light precisely to where it is needed.

(1) PwC survey, 2015, Only in German, http://pwc.to/29dQi9t

Precise light distribution with LED is protecting the environment.

Reduced lighting at night prevents damages of streets, plants and animals: Dimmed lights help migratory birds and insects with better orientation; leaves fall earlier to the ground and thus serve as a natural protective layer and frost damages can be avoided. As a result, municipalities can save costs through the effective reduction of roadway damages.

LED light quality results in quality of living.

The high-performance LED module is available in different color temperatures – ranging from 3,000 K (warm white) for living to 4,000 K (cold white) for trade/industry. The individual perception of security will be enhanced by optical control and dazzling effects will vanish. This increases traffic and pedestrian safety and reduces the likelihood of accidents.

The tailor-made LED module enables different applications.

The LED street light can be adapted to a wide range of scenarios and the modules are freely scalable with configurations from park lighting installations up to large main streets – a real All-rounder. There are lighting solutions for small roads with one LED lighting element, multilane streets can be efficiently illuminated with four lighting units.


There is a wide variety of further use cases in combination with the eluminocity Charge-Module. The Connect-Module additionally supports a demand-actuated control of the lightings.

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