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The modular, user-friendly system. Engineered in Germany.

LED modul eluminocity
  • LED-Module
    High-Power LEDs with continuously variable dimming and light distribution. For more information on the different lighting products and available speficications, see elumino light portfolio.

  • Charging-Module
    A regionally standardized connector allows AC charging of almost any EV currently available on the market.
    Back end communication: OCPP standard. Details on the products for cities and companies can be found in the elumino charge configurations.

  • Connect-Module
    Reliable, cost-efficient solution to connect lighting infrastructure with a central control system.
    Universal platform for sensor-based smart city applications. Further Use Cases are described in elumino connect.

The three modules of the Light & Charge systems can be combined as required.

Light & Charge combines an electric vehicle charging solution with a highly efficient LED lighting system and fully connected sensor applications. With a high level of component combination options, the system is built to be compatible with existing infrastructure; one or two modules as well as a complete solution can easily be integrated easily. The “Upcycling” concept of eluminocity makes the idea especially forward-looking and pioneering. Any desired combination of light, charging and sensor technology is available to our customers.

eluminocity is a one-stop shop.

The company serves is a partner for large enterprises, system suppliers, urban planners, municipalities, and energy operators and thus can perfectly respond. As a one-stop-shop eluminocity always focuses on its customers and end customers. This means that eluminocity is your point of contact for urban charging infrastructures, intelligent LED street lighting and sensor technology, and thus can respond perfectly to customer-specific requirements.

One standard for all products provides usability.

All modules of the eluminocity systems speak a common language and work according to a similar principle – they can be interconnected even without any prior knowledge. This promises an ease of use and simple operability.

“Made in Germany” stands for a decades-long durability.

As common in the automotive industry, eluminocity develops well-conceived modular systems with persuasive reliability and durability. The Aluminium protects the electronics from environmental influences. The enclosed box dissipates heat and likewise ensures reliable system performance. “Engineered in Germany” – for a long product lifecycle.

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