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Light & Charge Installations. Realized projects for the public and commercial charging and lighting infrastructure.

Kanton Zürich logo

The first Swiss charging station of eluminocity was installed at the location Färbiplatz in canton Zurich in cooperation with the electricity provider of Zurich (EKZ) and BMW Switzerland. The two charging points have a charging performance of 3.7 kw and are publicly accessible. With the intelligent “Light & Charge” system a consisting street light was transformed into a charging station for EVs of every type.

Landeshauptstadt München logo

In collaboration with the City of Munich and the Stadtwerke München (Munich City Utilities), eluminocity installed several Light & Charge pilots in the city center. The charging stations, assembled in summer 2016, have been integrated into the existing lighting infrastructure without taking up additional space. They can be found, among others, close to the Englischer Garten, the Main Station and in residential neighborhoods. All chargers are supplied with green electricity.

Located near the lakeside promenade of Starnberg, a town close to Munich, eluminocity mounted some of its first charging stations for electric vehicles onto pre-existing lampposts. The 11 kW charging points currently offer free parking and free charging for all residents and visitors. An expansion of the municipal charging infrastructure is planned for 2017.

Since May 2015 the marketplace of Bad Hersfeld, a festival and spa town in northeastern Hesse, Germany, is equipped with charging stations from eluminocity. The chargers are mounted onto a central lighting tower. In October 2016, the 3.68 kW chargers have been upgraded to 22 kW power output. This enables a significant reduction of the battery charging time by a factor of up to 6 depending on the type of vehicle. Additionally, there are now optical interfaces which can signalize the charging status to the user. This interface, which is included in every eluminocity charging station for the public space, makes the intuitive interface even easier to use.

Amersfoort logo

The first eluminocity installations in the Netherlands show the advantages of our Light & Charge solution combining modern LED street lighting and space-saving charger for electric vehicles. The three Light & Charge lampposts – with 22 kW power output in each case – are located in the City of Amersfoort, Netherlands, merely about an hour’s drive away from Amsterdam. Since the new lampposts have an integrated LED light, they can assure additional safety at dusk or in darkness near the charging station.

Eindhoven logo

Part of the newest urban planning project of the City of Eindhoven is a pilot installation of the Light & Charge system comprising the LED-Module and the charging station. This urbanistic development project is called Strijp-S and located on the former industrial site of Philips. As part of a EU framework program for sustainable urban concepts Strijp-S is transformed into a district with environmentally friendly and intelligent energy and mobility concepts. The eluminocity solution makes a major contribution in this direction.

Stadt Salzburg logo

One of our first projects combining our infrastructures for lighting and connectivity – the eluminocity LED-Module and the Connect-Module – has been installed by eluminocity in an urban district of the City of Salzburg, Austria. The eluminocity systems illuminate the Josef-Brandstätter Street while connecting the whole street. The project consists of two-modular LED lights and radar sensors. A further expansion is scheduled to begin in 2017.

Illinois Institute of Technology logo

The first Light & Charge overall system in the United States has been introduced on August 2016. This pilot is equipped with a standardized type 1 plug and socket device, which are prescribed by the legislators for the American market. The charger is publicly accessible and located on the premises of the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois.

BMW Logo

There are two publicly accessible integral systems of eluminocity Light & Charge located directly next to the remarkable double cone of the BMW Welt in Munich. A further installation of the charging and lighting combination can be found at the BMW i exhibition area in the BMW Welt. Furthermore, the BMW Group operates Light & Charge systems close to its Research and Innovation Center (FIZ) as well as at the location in Garching, a town in the northern suburban area of Munich.

Bayernwerk, largest regional network operator in Bavaria, offers its customers possibilities to charge their electric vehicles at eluminocity charging stations. This service is available in all of the company’s 19 “Netzcenter” (Network Center), ranging from the Upper and Lower Franconia, Upper Palatinate to the Centers in Lower and Upper Bavaria.

Four of the newly developed and designed free-standing pedestal variants have been introduced at the end of September 2016. They are installed on the customer parking lot of the Christlich-Soziale Union (Christian Social Union in Bavaria) in the North of Munich. The free-standing charging stations with their well-known Light & Charge design show up an excellent example for the so called Work & Charge offerings, since they can close the gap of the charging infrastructure which cannot be covered by the Wallboxes at home.

Formula-e logo

Several Light & Charge systems comprising the charging station and the LED street lighting go on annual tour with the FIA Formula E Championship. Formula E is a class of auto racing that uses only electric-powered cars. The series races on street circuits spread across five continents. Light & Charge is exhibited on all races as an overall solution for the sustainable integration of modern charging and lighting concepts into the existing infrastructures.

The qPunkt GmbH, an innovative engineering service provider from Austria, illuminates its facilities and open spaces on two of its company premises in Austria and Germany with eluminocity products. They use modern LED lights from eluminocity.

The company Selux AG, an international luminaire manufacturer for outdoor and indoor applications, operates an eluminocity total system composed of a charging point and the innovative LED-Module. The Light & Charge system is located on the premises of the company’s headquarters in the southern part of Berlin, close to the international airport of Berlin-Schönefeld.

Stadtwerke Trier (Trier City Utilities) acting as electricity distributor, drinking water supplier and gas provider in the city itself and the Region of Trier, operates two eluminocity charging stations for electric vehicles. The Light & Charge points are used as charging facilities on the enterprise campus and provide energy for both employees and the company fleet.

The company E-Wald, which is specialized in the operation of the charging infrastructure for municipalities, operates a Light & Charge charging station in combination with a LED-Module in its “Musterpark” at the headquarters in Teisnach, Germany.

Two Light & Charge systems have been installed at the site of the Sedlbauer AG, headquartered in Grafenau, Germany, north of Passau. The installation is used as a modern service for employees and customers of the company.

Los Angeles County

This Light & Charge System is a pilot project at the Public Works’ Alhambra Headquarters Facility, Los Angeles County, California. The installation is specially designed for the American market and equipped with the SAE J1772 Type 1 Standard and an integrated charging cable.


This eluminocity charging station is located in the South of Munich’s district Bogenhausen – not far from the Prinzregententheater. Residents and visitors can put electricity in their tanks there. In addition, there are markings in front of the parking space to indicate the spot for EV’s.


These two eluminocity charging points are situated in the heart of Schwabing – just a few minutes‘ walk from the great pagoda in the Englischer Garten and the Universities. There are special road markings for electric vehicle owners in front of the two chargers.

BMW Welt

These first two Light & Charge Systems – comprising a charging station and LED luminaire – have been installed contiguous to the striking Double Cone of the BMW Welt: Perfect for a visit of the BMW Museum and the Olympic Park nearby.

CSU Headquater

Four of the newly developed and designed free-standing pedestal variants of eluminocity have been introduced at the end of September 2016. Placed on the customer parking lot of the Christlich-Soziale Union (Christian Social Union in Bavaria) in the North of Munich.

Car charges at eluminocity charging station

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