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eluminocity combines elegantly designed EV chargers with state-of-the art Smart City technologies to create the backbone of Smart Cities, connecting IoT with e-mobility and sensor capabilities through intelligent street lighting, a network of charging stations for electric cars, and air quality measurement sensors. eluminocity ’s technology is paving the road for EV adaptation, enhanced public safety, Smart City applications, and the reduction of stress on communities due to imminent urban population growth.

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eluminocity products

eluminocity EV charger

Charging station for electric vehicles.

The eluminocity EV charging station supports nationwide sustainability initiatives by providing charging infrastructure for eMobility. Our charging stations are easily mountable onto new or existing streetlight poles or walls, or as free-standing pedestals in parking lots. Our charging stations provide intelligent data back to your city or business and are also easily accessible via RFID cards, QR-codes, and smart phones.

Intelligent street lighting.

Our highly efficient LED lights not only reduce energy costs, but also enhance public safety. Four micro-faceted freeform optics in each module guide the light precisely where it is needed while simultaneously minimizing glare and light pollution.

eluminocity intelligent street light
eluminocity 's external sensor hub for Smart City technologies

Sensors for Smart City solutions.

The eluminocity smart sensor technologies open the door to a wide range of Smart City solutions. Our sensor technology, encased within a hub on our luminaire LED street light can address city challenges such as traffic congestion, reducing air, water and noise pollution, energy conservation, operational savings, and enhancing public safety.

These Smart City technologies bring e-mobility to a whole new level and allow you to create the city of tomorrow today.

Further benefits of eluminocity

Light & Charge represents the successful integration of charging points into existing urban and business infrastructures. Pre-existing car park lighting and street furniture, such as lampposts, can be equipped with charging points in a simple and cost-effective manner.

eluminocity Light & Charge icon
Light & Charge

The modularity of the Light & Charge System is geared for tailor-made solutions that take into account particular requirements of customers. As an open system, Light & Charge can be integrated into any environment and for every combination of light, charging and sensors.

product design icon eluminocity

The elegant eluminocity design fits perfectly in the overall environment. It can be integrated into modern architecture as well as historical cities. Retrofitting the existing infrastructure with the Light & Charge Modules is a modern statement of a Smart City and Smart Business.

eluminocity ring icon
Made in Germany

eluminocity represents smart, German entrepreneurship and will support you with state-of-the-art Smart City technologies – flexible and with on-going support and services.


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eluminocity installations at the CenturyLink Field
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Light & Charge Solution at the CenturyLink Field in Seattle.



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