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Charging station for electric vehicles.

Pioneers of e-mobility. Elegant electric vehicle chargers of superior quality and design for EV drivers at their business, residence, and elsewhere in their communities.

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The eluminocity EV charging portfolio offers a wide range of customer-focused products, which are tailored to the specific requirements of cities and municipalities, as well as residential, city fleet, and utility needs. All our products are UL certified and ready for use in the European and North American markets, either with the Type 1 standard connector (SAE J1772) or the European Type 2 connector (EN 62196-2).

eluminocity Light & Charge
  • The eluminocity Light & Charge System

    The modularity of the Light & Charge system is geared to tailor-made solutions that take into account the special requirements of customers. As an all-in one solution, Light & Charge combines our various EV charging options with intelligent street lighting. The offered EV charging system includes the eluminocity Prism Gateway Kiosk, which acts as a kiosk, and two or more eluminocity Chrystal EV Charger.

    Our system is particularly space-saving and convenient to install, using the existing electricity supply and infrastructure. The elegant design of this charging station fits nicely into today’s modern environments.

    Additionally, our engineering staff is happy to provide our clients with project-specific mounting options as required (always with a focus on customer experience, community aesthetics, and reliability.)

e-mobility hub eluminocity
  • The e-Mobility Hub

    The eluminocity EmCell (e-mobility cell) is a popular combination of our products, with several installed nationwide. This package includes one Prism Gateway Kiosk, two (or more) Crystal EV Chargers, and one Direct Current (DC) charging station. This option is ideal for large public spaces such as shopping centers or campus lots.

    The Crystal EV charger can be installed at any location as a stand-alone option or mounted onto a light pole. The pole mounted option is particularly space-saving and convenient to install, using the existing electricity supply and infrastructure. For enabling a complete charging network, the Prism Gateway Kiosk is necessary. It expands the eluminocity charging portfolio further by linking the individual EV charging stations to one payment portal and data collection vestibule.

GridCharge eluminocity
  • The space-saving GridCharge solution

    The eluminocity GridCharge EV Charger is compact enough to easily fit into a home garage and rugged enough for outdoor pedestal mount or public parking ramp. With easy installation, it’s smart design features LED indicators and a simple plug in to start charging.

Any questions regarding our charging stations or installation? Our Sales Manager Mike Rockwood is available to answer your questions. We are looking forward to your message.

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