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eluminocity intelligent street light


The highly efficient LED luminaires help to save energy and running expenses. At the same time the LED Modules reduce CO2 emissions and can be dimmed as needed.

Four micro-faceted freeform optics in each module guide the light precisely to where it is needed while minimizing glare and light pollution. With their precise light guiding, LED luminaires reduce potentially dangerous dark spots on the road, improving traffic and pedestrian safety.


Reliable, cost-efficient solution to control the infrastructure for street lighting and charging with a central element. By this, Smart Cities can turn sensor technology to their advantage.

Transmitting, analyzing and distributing data will contribute to set up areas of everyday life for the future – such as traffic, health and security. The integrated sensor for movement detection reduces energy consumption and turns street lights into intelligent systems.

product portfolio eluminocity connect module


The eluminocity charging module is easily mountable onto existing lampposts and thus provides a comfortable way to directly charge at the side of the road. The system hereby enables an extensive increase of region-wide charging infrastructure and supports the expansion of e-mobility. Major construction projects, such as groundworks for foundations, are not required. The charging points can be accessed via RFID cards or scanning of QR codes.

A comprehensive infrastructure for the operation of electric vehicles is the key to success of e-Mobility.