The vision.

Using existing infrastructure to make our future smarter and sustainable. Intelligent street lighting with the use of sensor technology, combined with charging stations for electric vehicles, makes cities cleaner and more future-oriented in a simple way.

Emission-free driving through electromobility requires a comprehensive charging infrastructure. Using existing infrastructure to expand shop networks in a smart way is the approach of eluminocity. With the modular all-rounder, also known as Light & Charge, street lanterns are turned into charging stations for electric cars. Not only the modern design of the eluminocity light is an outlook to the future, but also the intelligence of the eluminocity street lamp – with a holistic approach of a sustainable shape of the future. The sensor system enables, for example, light control and parking detection, which offers a considerable added value to customers. In cities and municipalities up to 60% of CO2 emissions emitted by cars can be saved. In the long term, a reduction to 0% is achievable. (1) In this way we try to make individual mobility environmentally compatible. The holistic sustainable Light & Charge System has already been implemented together with BMW in Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, Oxford, Munich and Starnberg.
(1) “Electromobility as a CO2-Mitigation Option”, EWI, 2010

Creating sensor technology at eluminocity

Making the future sustainable

E-mobility only makes sense when electric vehicles are charged with clean electricity. That is the reason why eluminocity cooperates with the green energy provider Polarstern GmbH. The company, which is also based in Munich, produces electricity exclusively from regenerative sources of energy such as hydropower from the decentralized river hydropower plant in Feldkirchen near Rosenheim or through smart solar system concepts such as self-current and tenant electricity.
In Germany politics value the holistic sustainable approach and offer cities, municipalities and companies to apply state subsidy when buying our charging stations to help extending German charging infrastructure.

LED lighting solution eluminocity



The highly efficient LED luminaires help to save energy and reduce running costs in the Long term. They also reduce CO2 emissions and can be dimmed as required.

Each module, consits of four freeform reflectors guiding the light precisely to where it is needed, while at the same time limiting glare and light pollution to a minimum. Through the precise steering of the light, dark areas of streets and large parking lots can be illuminated in a targeted manner. This increases traffic and pedestrian safety.

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Reliable, cost-efficient solution for the central control of the lighting and charging infrastructure. With the Connect module, cities are already securing a location advantage through sensor technology.

Sending, analyzing, and distributing data makes traffic, health, and security fit for the future. The integrated sensor for motion detection reduces energy consumption and makes road lighting intelligent.

eluminocity charging module icon

Charging station for electric vehicles

The eluminocity charging station supports the nationwide expansion of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Easily mounted to an existing light pole, cars can be comfortably charged at the roadside. Comprehensive construction work such as earthworks for foundations is not required.
Charging facilities offer a modern service for companies from all kind of industries, i.e. trade and hotel industry. Upon request, access to the charging station by means of an RFID card or by scanning a QR code with a mobile phone.

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